Health and Behavior

Groundbreaking research is taking place across the globe linking our physical health with our behavior and mental health. Science is beginning to gain a better understanding of how the health of our gut affects the the health of our brain, even naming it the “second brain”.  There continues to be new knowledge about the intricacies of the workings of the brain.  We are still exploring this small and yet immense frontier as scientists develop a new understanding of the function of microglia on mental wellness, or map the lymphatic system throughout the brain, linking the brain to the immune system.  These are “textbook burning” discoveries that change the way we think about behavior, mental wellness, and health.

If you want to take charge of your and your family’s health, visit the sites below for more information.  Follow my posts as I share new research and resources that will help you regain your health.


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Dr. K News – Dr. Kharrazian provides insight into brain health, autoimmunity, leaky gut, gluten sensitivity, and more

Courageous Parent – providing parents with information and resources to navigate the challenges of creating a healthy and happy home

What about an acute onset of behavioral changes?

If you know a child whose behavior changed suddenly, presenting with OCD-like behaviors, tics, or decrease in food intake along with two or more of the following: phobias, anxiety, separation anxiety, behavioral regression, rage, sensory problems, difficulty sleeping, hyperactivity, decrease in writing or math skills, frequent urination, bed wetting, or “terror-stricken” look of dilated pupils, then consider learning more about PANS or PANDAS.  Go to the following website to learn more about PANS/PANDAS and to access additional useful resources for diagnosis and treatment.