This is an evolving page as I continue to research and find the best resources out there!  If YOU have something that you love and want me to include, please let me know and I will review it, provide my opinion on it, and if it meets my criteria, include it here!  Come back and visit often…



OSEP – Evidence-based classroom strategies for teachers supporting and responding to behavior.

PBIS Implementation Blueprint – Purpose is to guide leadership teams in the assessment, development, and execution of action plans. The outcome is the development of local capacity for sustainable, culturally and contextually relevant, and high fidelity implementation of multi-tiered practices and systems of support.

Social Skills Instruction


Stop Walk Talk – This technique is best utilized when it is taught school wide.  It empowers students by teaching kids self-advocacy and reducing bullying behaviors.  There is also a pdf of the Stop Walk Talk technique found here.


For Elementary and Middle School Aged Children

For Middle School and High School Aged Children



Hand In Hand – My favorite site for great parenting tips.  They offer second-to-none free tips and insights as well as offering classes and certification programs.  Check them out today, you’ll be glad you did!

Life Space Crisis Intervention – If your child or youth has chronic patterns of self-defeating behaviors, this site offers the best online and in-person classes, teaching you interactive therapeutic strategies for turning crisis situations into learning opportunities.  LSCI views problems or stressful incidents as opportunities for learning, growth, insight, and change.




Lotus Health Project – Through education about nutrition and lifestyle change involving all aspects of the self, Carla Atherton supports people in their health management to make positive lasting change to better their own health and the health of their families.

Dr. K News – This is the home site to Dr. K News with information on autoimmunity, gluten, the thyroid, and the brain. From this site there are also links to Dr. Kharazian’s brain book site, autoimmunity site, and thyroid site where there is even more extensive guidelines and resources.  I highly recommend the work by Dr. Kharazian if you want to get to the root cause and not just treat symptoms.


This book is a comprehensive look at how the brain works, what’s happening when it isn’t working, and  ways to remedy it…a MUST READ!


These three books together will help you through the process of identifying food sensitivities that may be affecting your gut and brain health, provide nutrient rich real food recipes and specifically auto immune protocol recipes to help you get and stay healthy!


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